Usage & Conduct



The sponsoring organization or person submitting the contract agrees to comply with the supervision and conduct policy as follows:

  1. Observe 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. as quiet time so all guests may enjoy a peaceful night of rest.

  2. Assist in conserving energy and water whenever possible.

  3. No running or playing inside the dining hall, dormitories and cabins.

  4. All children under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult at all times.

  5. Observe appropriate dress standards.

  6. Observe the 5 MPH speed limit while driving on the campus.

  7. Leave all properties of the camp as neat and clean as found on arrival, or cleaning fees will be deducted from damage deposit.

  8. Profanity is not permitted.

  9. Smoking, alcoholic beverages, or any illegal substances, are not permitted; there are NO designated smoking areas.

  10. Possession and use of fireworks, firearms, and all terrain vehicles, are not permitted

  11. Pets are not allowed unless accompanying as a physical necessity (ie. Seeing eye dog).

  12. The sponsoring organization or person renting the facility shall be responsible for all damage done to the property during the time the property was rented, excepting reasonable wear and tear.

  13. This rental agreement shall not be exclusive unless specifically set forth herein and the sponsoring organization or person renting the facility understands and acknowledges that Peniel Bible Conference retains the right to rent available space to additional parties or organizations as space is available and deemed appropriate by Peniel Bible Conference.

  14. All furniture is to remain in its place and not be moved until obtaining permission from camp management.

  15. A walk-thru with camp staff will be conducted before and after your event.


Accident insurance is not provided by Peniel Bible Conference, nor does any Peniel Bible Conference employee or volunteer staff assume responsibility for accidents. We require sponsoring organizations to provide a copy of their group insurance policy.

SECTION IV: BUSINESS AGREEMENT AND CANCELLATION (to be modified per rental organization)

*as defined by Peniel Bible Conference, Inc. Constitution and ByLaws, Article II Doctrinal Statement of Faith
Breach of Sections II and III will be contacted by the Management of Peniel Bible Conference. Violation may result in termination of participation, at Registrant’s expense, without refund or credit.