Workday 2021!!!


Saturday, May 15th
9am - 3pm
Breakfast Treats & Lunch Will Be Served!

We are thrilled to announce that the ministries of Peniel will be open this summer! We are excited to reach the next generation with Godís message of hope! We need your help to make it possible!!! Please join us for a day of fellowship and community, as we spruce up our campus after a long winter. There are jobs for everyone from housekeeping and grounds work to construction for those ages 12 and up! Please RSVP by Thursday, May13th.

Please email or leave a message (518) 696-4038.

Things to bring: Work gloves, leaf blowers, chainsaws, masks for indoors

Things to donate if you canít come: Paper towels, desserts, breakfast treats, fruit or a salad for our lunch.

Thank You!!!

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