Work Week Events 2022!!!


Workdays Saturday, May 14th and 21st
9am - 4pm
Breakfast Treats & Lunch Will Be Served!

We are excited for the ministry opportunities ahead of us at Peniel this summer! We desire to continue reaching the next generation with God’s message of hope and want to expand our capacity to serve families and churches also! We need your help to make it possible!!! Please join us for one or both of the days listed above. It will be a fun time of fellowship and community, as we spruce up our campus after a long winter and tackle some bigger projects too! There are jobs for everyone from housekeeping and grounds work to construction for those ages 12 and up! Stay all day or just the hours that work for you!

Please RSVP by May 10th. If you are from out of town and would like to come for the workdays or any part of the week between them, we would love to host you! Please RSVP by May 5th.

When you RSVP, please email Let us know what types of jobs you are interested in doing, particularly if you have construction, plumbing, or electrical capabilities. If you’d like to help, but can’t come, consider making a financial donation towards our volunteer food costs and projects outlined below. All donations can be mailed to PO Box 369 Lake Luzerne, NY 12846 or can be made on our website using the donation page.

Things to bring: Work gloves, leaf blowers, chainsaws, tools for construction projects (We can connect you with a project leader when you RSVP for specifics).

Can’t Come???: Consider a donation to food cost for volunteers or towards a project listed on the next page. ANY AMOUNT HELPS!!!!

Thank You!!!

Project Donation Opportunities 2022

Please feel free to select a smaller portion of a project cost! Any amount is beneficial!!!

Motel Renovation:
Motel Ceiling Trim Repair/Ceiling & Porch Painting: $400 / 1Gallon Paint $30
Motel Attic Ventilation Fan & Electrical: $350
Motel Bathroom Lighting, Ventilation & Fixtures: $400 each / $1600 4 units
Entire Motel Renovation: $2400

Lodge Repairs:
Lodge Plumbing Repairs: $200
Lodge Interior Paint for Lower Level:  $600
Lodge Gutters:  $4500
Lodge Exterior Stairway Repair:  $300

Lamplighter Restaurant:
Repair Porch Supports: $200
Resurface Cement Step Entry: $700
Commercial Refrigerator: $3500
Kitchen Floor Resurfaced: $2500

Office Plumbing Repairs: $350
Apartment Plumbing Repair: $150
Breezeway Supports & Gutters: $200
Repair of Chimney Cap: $150

Dining Hall:
Dining Hall Plumbing Repairs: $200
Dining Hall:  $600
Kitchen Floor Reinforced & Resurfaced: $5000
Dining Hall Front Exterior Siding and Metal Skirting:  $6000

Gutters: $200
Exterior Paint:  $450/1Gallon $30
Sill Plate Repair: $1000
Siding Repairs: $2000

Please note, all donations will be focused on the project you select. However, if there is a critical need that arises, it may become necessary to reallocate those funds to meet the most urgent infrastructure needs. All funds will be used for property improvements. Thank You!!!

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