Summer Camp Photos

Summer Camps

The highlight of each year is unequivocally our youth camps. We were so thankful to be able to run two 72 hr. Camps; one for our youth, grades 4-7, and the other for our teens, grades 8-12. Our teaching was all about being “Ablaze” with the Holy Spirit. And ablaze we were, even though the weather was so wet that the campers renamed it Camp Damp! But the weather did nothing to dampen our spirits, our friendships, our creativity, or our fun! We worshipped, swam, canoed, crafted, played games (we even had a carnival night) and we learned how to listen to God’s Spirit. Each camp brought us closer to one another and closer to the great God that we serve.

Events and Retreats

We have hosted some wonderful summer events,  furthering our mission to collaborate with churches to further God’s kingdom. We have celebrated graduations, birthdays, hosted church picnics, baptisms, campouts, and campfire messages, as well as a youth retreat. We even hosted two banquets for a local Christian school.

Autumn has brought back many of our  CMA and other Christian Americade riders. Many events that we have hosted are from churches who are new to our campus. The word is getting out: Peniel is a very special place to meet with God, and we are so thankful he has brought to us faces both familiar and new.

Summer Camp Photos

Wedding PhotosContinuing the legacy

Peniel has always been an intergenerational community with a legacy that has carried on through families and through generations. We are continually blessed by prayer and support from families who have loved Peniel through the years, and now we are seeing this legacy continue as our own staff and counselors marry, raise children of their own, and grow our “family” at Peniel. Let us share with you some wonderful “family” news:

Lauren Woodhouse, a former counselor and worship leader married Joshua Kipp, also a former counselor. The couple met at Peniel and  have continued to serve by returning this summer to lead worship for summer camp. What a gift to us!

MacKenzie Dolan, a former counselor and life guard, married John McKnight. Mackenzie and John joined us this summer to lead our teen camp activities. It was such a blessing to have their combined gifts at camp.

Ayla and John Sutton, former counselors and LAMP leaders,  now have three beautiful boys! Grant, their four year old, joined our volunteer staff to help out in the camp Pop Shop. He kept the busy shop in order. Seeing a new generation join us at camp was a joy.

Terra Patterson, one of our current counselors graduated this year. Terra will attend Boston University this winter.

And speaking of a legacy, Tim and Georgette Woodruff continue to bless Peniel. In addition to their prayerful support, they also join us for work days, and have taken it upon themselves to maintain our summerside gardens.

People sharing their gifts and time over the years is how God has worked through Peniel to build this church. For 83 years the Peniel family continues to grow. What a legacy of selflessness! What a manifestation of the church!

A Great Opportunity to Impact Camp Encounter/Peniel Bible Conference:
Become a Board Member!

Every great ministry or organization is so because of the people involved. Peniel is no different. Is it time for you to be one of those key volunteers that will help this ministry continue to grow and thrive? The Board of Directors of Camp Encounter / Peniel Bible Conference is now accepting applications for Board Members to serve in the vital leadership role of oversight and development!

For many years, this body of leaders has been called the Prayer Council. And prayer continues to be a foundational part of what we do! But our Board Members do much more than that! As we continue to grow, we are looking for additional volunteers who are interested in supporting the ministry of helping youth and adults encounter God, others, and even their true self by serving as a member of the Board of Directors.

If you or someone you know has professional organizational, leadership, fundraising & development, accounting, business, legal, construction, camp & conference center, hospitality, youth ministry, or pastoral experience (or other pertinent skills) and is interested in investing in the future of Camp Encounter, please respond by emailing and we’ll send you more information on the application process. We will be accepting applications through November 19th, 2021.

We are in a new season of growth at Peniel!. And though it looks and feels a bit different than it did 80, 40, 20, or even 10 years ago, what has not changed is our passion for helping all who come to this sacred place, Encounter God. Let us know if you want to be a part of this special ministry!

Peace and Grace,
Dave Bouffard (President, Camp Encounter/Peniel Bible Conference Prayer Council / Board of Directors)

In the Works: A Maintenance Update

RoofOur oldest building got quite a facelift this year! The Sports Shack, originally known as the Cook’s Quarters, got a new roof. Our volunteer team was sure to honor the original rough hewn beams to keep this little gem historically preserved. The Motel bathrooms, yes, all four, have been completely renovated. What an improvement for our guests! We also installed a new boiler for the Director’s apartment and motel units.  Our Lodge great room has been repainted, trim and all, and our Motel ramp has been replaced. It has been a very productive season! Again, it was thanks to volunteers and generous donors that such projects could be completed. What a testimony to so many who gave of their time, talents, and provisions to steward the beautiful buildings we have been blessed with.

VolunteersUpcoming maintenance projects include repairing roofs.  Yes, multiple. The Restaurant roof is first on our list. This project has been quoted at $2000, and the work has begun! It is necessary that we repair the water damage and protect this building that enables us to offer winter programs. We also plan to replace the roof at Lake View this fall. The condition warrants immediate repair to preserve the building. Finally, we will tackle the Meeting House roof. We use this building for winter teen and youth events, and envision it as a beautiful conference room in the summer, as it once was. As we prioritize all of these roofing projects, we are reminded that our covering is from God alone and even as the work and funds needed seem daunting, we rest in His peace, as Peniel is His place, and as always, we know He will prove faithful.

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