Adopt A Cabin Campaign




                    Welcome to Adopt a Cabin...

This is an opportunity for you or your group to become a part of creating a welcoming, safe place for campers and guests of all ages to get comfortable, rest, and be spiritually renewed here on Peniel’s beautiful Adirondack campus.

What is Adopt A Cabin?

Our desire is for every camper and guest to experience a comfortable resting place while enjoying the fun of camp! Cabin time is a special part of the camp experience with small group devotions in which relationships are built with God and between peers. Making our cabins a safe, restful and welcoming space helps us minister to campers and equip them with the life changing knowledge of Christ’s salvation.

Adopting a cabin is Peniel’s new initiative seeking to involve individuals, churches, families and groups that want to invest either time or resources in helping us repair, improve and maintain our cabin accommodations for years to come. Peniel has been in existence for over 90 years! Joining the Adopt-A-Cabin program enables you to become a part of continuing God’s ministry of renewal here at Peniel.

How to be involved?

Up For Adoption !!!!!

These cabins are up for “adoption.” Quoted costs are close estimations. If excess donations are given towards a specific cabin, those funds will be applied to the next prioritized cabin. Should we exceed our total cabin renovation goal, we will apply additional funds to other common space improvements. Detailed photos and time frames are available upon request.

If you are interested in our “Adopt a Cabin” program and would like additional information, please call us at (518) 696-4038 or use the contact form.

Cabin Estimated Cost Cabin Status
Pines 1 $985 Sponsored
Pines 2 $375
Pines 3 $500
Pines 4 $500
Pines 5 $660 Sponsored
Pines 6 $480 Sponsored
Hill A $230 Sponsored
Hill B $330 Sponsored
Hill C $420 Sponsored
Hill D $1510
Hill 1 $550
Hill 2 $760
Hill 3 $1220 Sponsored
Hill 4 $1250
Hill 5 $400 Sponsored
Hill 6 $350
Hill 7 $630 Sponsored

Opportunities for Donations in Honor

For donations $1000 or greater we want to extend the opportunity to place a sign in your chosen cabin to honor a person of your choosing. The sign can honor the group that renovated the cabin or honor the memory of a family member with an approved personal quote or favorite scripture