Peniel's Mission

PenielPeniel’s Mission is to teach biblical truths that encourage joyful followers of Christ. Our aim is to remain true to the whole counsel of God revealed in His Word, Holy Spirit, and creation, and present its message in a way that will encourage a wholesome, well-rounded Christian experience.

We desire to serve all those in whom God has awakened a spiritual hunger, but we sense a special calling to:

On the basis of these goals, we seek to:

  • Present the Good News of Jesus Christ to unbelievers.
  • Enable believers to move toward their full spiritual potential; to lead them to growing fellowship with God.
  • Strengthen and renew the body of Christ in communion with its Head and in community with its members.
  • Equip believers for prayer and action in the service of God's Kingdom

We pursue these aims by using the unique environment of Christian camp & conference center ministry for corporate worship, teaching and engaging in Bible study and theological discussion, group and individual counseling and prayer, building lasting relationships and community, and enjoying physical experiences of rest and recreation - all in an atmosphere of renewal and celebration!