It is with great joy and expectation that we would like to introduce you to Kristen Coltart; our director. She and her family have been involved at Peniel for many years. Kristen has served on our Prayer Council and our Management Team, she has also served as our program director, Bible teacher, pop shop coordinator, on our cleaning committee, as kitchen help, dining room hostess, and as a general volunteer. Her family has also been involved as media/ marketing consultants, kitchen crew, counselors, dishwashers, grounds pick up, cleaning crew, and general volunteer service. We are excited that God has brought them into Peniel and has commissioned Kristen into a greater service here. wE would like to share her vision for Peniel:

“My vision for Peniel and Camp Encounter is to start something new and fresh that meets the current needs of youth in our fast paced, modern culture. My desire is for the camp to present the Salvation of Christ and teach the Word of God in a fun, non-threatening environment. My hope is that through real relationship, and a community built on trust, campers will let down their protective walls and allow the Holy Spirit to divinely minister to their deeper needs. I also envision Peniel as a place for adults to meet God face to face, as churches and groups make use of our beautiful grounds to minister to their people".  

~Kristen Coltart, Director