Summer Youth Camps 2024

Camp Encounter

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WHERE: Peniel Bible Conference, 336 Lake Tour Road, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846

Camp FunOur 75 acre campus is located in the beautiful Adirondack Park fifteen minutes south of Lake George. Our summer campus includes cozy cabins, a beautiful chapel, and plenty of space for games & activities. Your camping experience will offer Bible teaching  & worship time, canoeing on the placid waters of Lake Luzerne, swimming in our in ground pool,  arts & crafts, recreational sports, hikes on local trails, S'mores enjoyed around a bonfire and delicious homemade meals, but most importantly, Camp Encounter will provide an opportunity  for each camper to encounter God’s truth through the study of His Word. Come join us this camp season and meet God face to face! 

* Our dining hall is not vegan, nut or gluten free kitchen, but these meals can be carefully prepared and served.


Encounter Senior Camp (Grades 8-12) 

July 20th- July 23rd

Registration deadline-July 13th ($20 late registration fee)

Encounter Junior Camp (Grades 4-7)*

July 26th- July 29th

Registration deadline-July 19th ($20 late registration fee)          

                    COST: $250 per camper.  Fee includes all activities!

POP SHOP: We offer an optional snack bar during our daily free time sessions. Sending an optional $10 to $15 will adequately provide for this option.

Camp Encounter - Encounter Fun


2024 Camper Registration Form

Please make sure to print and fill out your Medication Orders and Camper Health History forms. Please bring these forms along with your immunization records to camp with you.

Your registration is not complete until payment is received.  You will be forwarded to PayPal after submitting the registration form, or click here to pay with PayPal.

A confirmation letter will be automatically sent when registered so please check you junk folder if you don’t receive it.

*Camper’s full name:


*Grade In Fall:

Camper’s email address:
Food & Environmental Allergies:

*Parent(s)/ Guardian’s name(s):
*Street Address:


Mailing Address (if different):


*Primary Phone:

Secondary Phone:

Church/ Organization:

*Emergency contacts name #1:



*Primary Phone:

Emergency contacts name #2:



Primary Phone:

*Camp Dates:


*By selecting “The camp may have discretion”, you are allowing Peniel Bible Conference administration to determine if another parent is suitable to take your child off camp grounds during the normal checkout times. This situation generally arises in circumstances where your child will wish to go off campus with a friend and their parents. If we do not have powers of discretion we will require a form of Written and signed consent to allow your child to leave camp grounds with someone not listed on the form.
The Permission to Leave Camp Form does not apply to faculty, administration, or counseling staff, who may chaperon students off campus to appropriate venues, as well as to a hospital or doctor if a medical emergency should arise.

Specified Guardians

Name / Relation:

Name / Relation:

Name / Relation:

If an emergency or situations arise where you will need to take your camper from camp; you will need to sign them out through the Medical Office/Health Officer (Infirmary/Nurse), and the Director MUST BE NOTIFIED BEFORE DEPARTURE.


Please read and sign agreement below.

*I certify that I am a parent/legal guardian of the camper named above, and as such, I hereby register and enroll said camper in the PENIEL BIBLE CONFERENCE for the period of time listed above and I assume full responsibility for the registration and other costs incurred from said camper. I further hold harmless the owners and operators of said PENIEL BIBLE CONFERENCE, their employees, staff, and agents from any and all responsibility for the injury or illness, which may be experienced by said camper as a result of his/her enrollment at said camp.:

*I understand that the camper mentioned above is fully responsible for the care and maintenance of any and all personal property he/she may bring to the PENIEL BIBLE CONFERENCE. Campers are required to make restitution for damages they cause to camp property or other camper/staff belongings.:

*I also understand that my child is not permitted to use the telephone, unless there is an emergency or permission is granted by the Camp Manager or Executive Directors.:

*I acknowledge that I have read and understand both the Rules and Procedures for Campers form and the Information Sheet for Parents and Campers found on the Peniel website.:

*I will promptly pick up the participant if they develop an illness or fever 100 degrees. I hereby give permission to the physician selected by Peniel Bible Conference to order x-rays, routine tests, and treatment related to the health of the participant for both routine health care and in emergency situations. If I cannot be reached in an emergency, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by Peniel Bible Conference to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and order injection, anesthesia, or surgery for the participant.:

*I understand the information on this form will be shared as necessary with camp staff. I give permission to photocopy this form. Peniel Bible Conference has permission to obtain a copy of the participant’s health record from providers who treat the participant and these providers may talk with the camp’s staff about the participant’s health status. I agree to the release of any records necessary for treatment, referral, billing, or insurance purposes.:

*This child has my permission to fully participate at Peniel Bible Conference, 336 Lake Tour Road, Lake Luzerne NY 12846, including planned off campus activities to Peniel Bible Conference arrange necessary related transportation. I will be available by telephone if any situations arise that need my attention. Peniel may use this child’s quotes, picture, and actions for multimedia publication & publicity (no names will be used).:

*Signature of Parent/Custodial Guardian:

Your registration is not complete until payment is received. You will be forwarded to PayPal after submitting this form.