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Wow, its been 40 years. I was there with Mr. and Mrs. Mac. Peniel is the place God first revealed a part of his nature - and it was expressed in the love and spiritual depth of those men and women He placed there. I have never since been so surrounded by people so forged in His way. I know most of them have left us. I can't wait to see them again.

Anyway - is Tommy Silburn still around? He still thinks he can out wrestle me.


David Worrell


I have fond memories of being a camper at PBC. In the mid to late 60's through th mid 70's. the Dumont brothers , Grady Spires, Silburns , Lovelaces and others.

Most memorable were the Mt Marcy backpacking trips.

So let us know , let us press on to know The Lord.
For he will come , come to us like the rain.
Like the spring rain, watering the earth.
Like the spring rain, watering the earth.

Andy Blar


Hello from sweden with encourage to fight good the fight with grace and in pleasure of salvation and be fruitful to deeds of heavenly the Father for peace and new life to many those who believe and turn to Christ,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden



This year was such a blessing. My Goddaughter and her nephew (and their neighbor!) loved it! They're ALWAYS asking to come up to Peniel!


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