Join us for our Growth in Truth Conference 2018!


July 30 - August 3, 2018

Conference Theme: “Refreshed in the Spirit”

Many forces today can wear us down, stress and even discourage us. Come for refreshment and renewal! This Conference will draw upon Peniel’s deep scriptural roots, exploring how God’s in-dwelling Spirit empowers our life “in Christ” in trying times.

The cost of attending the conference sessions is FREE!!!

A free will offering will be collected at every session and go towards covering the costs of the conference. Meals and lodging for those who would like to stay at camp for the duration of the conference are listed below. We hope you’ll join us!

The Conference begins Monday, July 30 with 6:00 PM Supper, followed by 7:00 PM worship and speakers. The Conference concludes with breakfast at 8:00 AM Friday.

Topics and Speakers

Monday 7:00 PM: “Created for Fellowship with God” (Cultivating Godliness) Peter and Faith Grosso

Tuesday 10:00 AM: “The Spirit-Inspired Power of Scripture” (An Anchor of Truth) Marion Boozer

Tuesday 7:00 PM: “Flesh, World, Devil” (Recognizing Our “Creature Problem”) Linda Macari

Wednesday 10:00 AM:  “The Power of the Cross” (Giving Us Power to Forgive) Dan Pearson

Wednesday 7:00 PM: “Christ Risen and Reigning” (Power & Authority for Spiritual Battle) Tim Woodruff

Thursday 10:00 AM: “Walking in the Spirit” (Power Through Submission) Michael Burkley

Thursday 7:00 PM*: “Union with Christ” (Blessed to be a Blessing) Marvin Robinson

*Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper: Conference Director Ken Macari and Tim Woodruff

Costs for the week:

$150 for food for each person 

$160 for 1st Floor Lodge, double or single beds 

$140 for 2nd Floor Lodge – bunk beds only.  Room and cost can be shared.

Go to our Growth In Truth page to register, or visit our Forms page to print and mail a registration to PO Box 369, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846

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