tlkMeet the New Director

 August 13, 2015

Dear Friend of Peniel,

I am pleased to announce an important action taken by the Prayer Council of the Peniel Bible Conference. At its meeting on August 7, 2015 it was decided to appoint Tobias Kipp to the position of Director, effective September 1, 2015.
In the past few years, the day-to-day operations of Peniel have been handled by a Management Team, consisting of the local members of the Prayer Council. Tobias has been part of this as Properties Manager. The Management Team will remain in place to share the day-to-day responsibilities of operating Peniel with Tobias as Director. He will continue to supervise management of the property with the help of other volunteer and part-time staff.
We believe God has been preparing Tobias for this position all his life. Growing up at a Camp, his father was a Camp Caretaker. Prior to coming to Peniel as Properties Manager he was self employed as a General Contractor for 9 years. He also worked year in a management position in the Automotive Industry. Since coming to Peniel, we have seen significant growth in his life, qualifying him for this task. His wife, Gina, is Peniel’s Office Manager. They have two teenaged children, Joshua and Rachel.
Tobias and his family worship at Rockwell Falls Presbyterian Church in Lake Luzerne, where He serves as an Elder. His pastor, Rev. Michael Burkley recommended Tobias to us with these words: “Tobias is a man of God who, like Jesus, lives firmly in two worlds. His heart and mind are set on things above and his feet and hands move through this world as instruments of God’s grace. I see this in his participation in our church through worship, prayer, preaching and service, in his family life and in his ability to fix a roof, a sticking door, electrical systems and just about anything else that needs to be done. I admire him and recommend him to you.”
I am asking you to pray for Tobias, the Management Team and the entire Prayer Council as we share in the leadership of Peniel’s ministries. I also ask you to consider making a commitment to help Peniel financially with a monthly gift to support Peniel, no matter how small. The Camp is run very economically and without debt for $4,000 to $5,000 per month year round. One time gifts are also much appreciated. If you have any questions about Peniel or the Council, please contact me by phone (978-820-1293) or email (

Your servant in Christ,
Dan Meiners, President,
Peniel Prayer Council